Our son, Charles

This is our son Charles who we are extremely proud of, he has already served a tour in Iraq and three tours in Afghanistan. He is now home after a year stay in the Wounded Warrior Program in Texas after being wounded in Afgthanistan. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Wounded Warrior Program for all they did in taking care of our son, including getting him a service dog!! The program is the best ever. We love or son very much and along with all the families of Military serving our country we pray that our soldiers are kept safe and return home to us. 

Please on behalf of all of us who salute our soldiers overseas and at home, take a moment to watch the video we made honoring these brave men and women and introduces "Hallowed" a song we recorded on our Christian CD "Enlighten the World"
Thank you and God Bless You All

Mike and Vanessa
The Tune Bandits

Other Family Members Who Served Our Country