We are a West Coast  based duo who have performed in and around Ventura and Los Angeles County for the past seventeen years

Mike and I began our singing careers late in life,(after the kids moved out) and we would be the first to tell you how amazed we are about our success. What started out as "just for fun" has become so much more and we feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to do what we love.

Tune Bandits began singing at the Ventura Harbor, where we were discovered by "Vivian Cash" Disten, Roseanne Cash's mother and Johnny Cash's first wife. She hired us for  personal parties and events that she was involved in which helped get our name out. Eventually we opened for the 4th of July celebration at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and the Ventura County Fair and Santa Barbara County Fair as well.

We have enjoyed playing all twelve days at the Ventura County Fair for the last fifteen years, and the Santa Barbara County Fair for two years.
We also have performed at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Tachi Palace Casino, Citrus Classic Balloon Festival,  Private Parties, Weddings and Benefits throughout the year. 

We may never be rock stars but we feel very blessed for the fans and friends we continue to make through the years. 

About Mike

I'm a retired accountant, who loves singing and fishing, but not necessarily in that order. This has been such a fun time in my life and I feel so blessed to be doing something I love doing.

My favorite song to perform is probably " I Don't Look Good Naked, Anymore" and my  favorite gig to date is
playing at the Ventura County Fair although playing at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library underneath "Air Force One" hanging above us was pretty awesome.

About Vanessa

I was born in Ventura California and I really am proud to be a Cali girl. I can't even begin to explain how much I enjoy singing with Mike and what a great time we have performing together. I really don't have a favorite song that I perform, I love doing them all.

My favorite gig to date? Wow, that's a tough one. I have several favorites for different reasons. I loved playing at Christy's because it felt like home. I love playing the Ventura County Fair because it's like going to a big family reunion every year!!  I love playing the Santa Barbara County Fair because it is so beautiful there. I also love playing every year at Camp Keepsake because the people that attend there are the very definition of LOVE, and who couldn't love playing at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, it is such an honor.

Another favorite gig to date would probably be the birthday party we did for country singer Roseanne Cash's mother, Vivian. She was a great lady and we got to meet Roseanne, who I truly admire. She even performed using our equipment while we were on a
break. HEY, does that mean we can say we opened for Roseanne Cash??

Now I am looking forward to making new favorite memories at our gigs back east. It is a totally new adventure and we look forward to the challenge of being a bi-coastly band..